Award Categories

Retailer of the Year

Focuses on retailers in the area, large or small, that excel in their field. If your business is an online shop, your registered business address should be within the business awards catchment area.

Growth in Adversity

The past 12 months rocked our community and economic foundation. Many organisations took the opportunity to make exceptional changes, which for many allowed their business to remain viable and open to their target audience and for others helped to support the NHS. We will reward the business that best describes their response to the crisis.

Hospitality Award

Open to any restaurant, hotel, café or pub. We are looking for an organisation in this sector that excels in their field.

Environmental Impact Award

More and more businesses are employing sustainable practices to improve business performance. This award calls for businesses that show how they have lowered their carbon footprint and made a positive impact on the environment.

New Business

This category is open to businesses that have been operating less than 3 years as of September 2021 and have been successful in identifying a market gap to launch a new business.

Customer Service

Awarded to the company that puts customers at the forefront of their business. They will go above and beyond to provide the best customer service possible with ways to accurately measure customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing and Construction

This award will go to a small manufacturing or construction business that demonstrates a modern, efficient and innovative approach to operating within the sector.


The winning business will have identified a need for a new and innovative idea to create a competitive advantage within their sector. The idea could be something that increases productivity, saves on costs or develops the brand etc.

People Development and Training

For businesses which are passionate about the development of their staff and implement schemes to enhance the efficiency of the workforce. This training and development will positively affect the success of the business through low staff turnover, or improved customer service.


In this category, we are seeking a winner who harnesses technology to give their firm the edge. They are leaders, and not followers, in the technological arena. They truly understand how the world of business has changed in the 21st century.

Entrepreneur Award

This award will recognise the achievements of an individual that had made an outstanding contribution to their business and industry through dedication and hard work.

Professional Services Award

This award will look at businesses that demonstrate excellence in the professional services sector. Open to organisations of any size. We want to hear about your business and what measures you undertook to continue with your services to the community during the pandemic. There is no definitive list of occupations, but examples include accountants, architect, dentists, engineering, healthcare, law, IT, investment and finance and training

Social Responsibility

More and more businesses are employing sustainable practices to improve business performance. This award calls for businesses that show commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Family Business

Open to any small business in Sheffield that is family run. This award celebrates the diversity of family firms and ways in which they bring their family nature and values into building a successful business.